4. Build Confidence through Poetry

Network / Present / Have Fun

by invitation. 2021 launch


An event for Realistic Optimists to have uncommon conversations

Think conversations around; Poetry / Art / Work not Sport / Property / Politics


I attended a Networking gig years ago. Everyone in the room pitched to me immediately after shaking my hand . I thought I was in the twilight zone. I would introduce myself and try to have a casual chat, but no - BOOM - Pitch-O-Rama

On the other hand I also attended and created 'art meets' around poetry / music, but I found too many unmotivated people, that wanted to be entertained; not 'create community'

This event sits in middle of these 2


by invitation; James will talk with you before the event to understand your goals and interests, to make sure the event will be valuable to you

Agenda; (your hosts James and Lynne)

  1. Bubbles - mix n mingle. Upon arrival you're greeted by a 2-metre-smile (double meaning intended)

  2. Circle - everyone speaks for x minutes (optional). 

  3. Huddles - small group conversations (optional)

  4. Doubles - 1 on 1 (optional)

  5. More Bubbles

Text or email, "I'm interested in Social Circle" to James, and I'll do the rest

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