How Coaching Works

Imagine if...

a young Nick Cave thought - "I'll appeal to more people if i sound like the Beatles."

Nina Simone/Marlon Brando thought - "Maybe i should tone-it-down a bit"

Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Coleridge and Banksy - "Nah, that ones a bit weird, in the bin!"

Jerry Seinfeld - "It's not working, maybe I should start swearing or slagging people off ?"


YOUR style of communication, is also the key to your success

That's why you'll decide, the focus and pace​ of our coaching sessions. 

Your style, with my 20 years of battle-tested guidance

If you're not MORE than satisfied, you get your money back

THE RESULT - you'll have your own personal Sales Plan for Life.

  1. Show me your Website / Plan / Resume

  2. We'll talk (no charge, no pressure and no strings attached). If you like what you hear ... 

  3. We have 1 session. If that's good, then monthly for as long as you need (no lock-ins)