Over 40 Friendly

Un/structured unboring gatherings in Inner-City Brisbane

"Nothing happens without a Scene"

Jeff Goins.

I remember chatting to 55 year old guy (when I was 45). He stated emphatically that everything will change for me in around 5 years (ageism). I felt sorry for him because I thought he was jaded. But you guessed it, it happened. It's really weird, because the more experience you have would logically mean the better performance and therefor more in demand, NOT.


It's the only form of discrimination that everyone will experience yet it's also largely tolerated - strange.

I read a story about a guy that was 50 that worked in HR and was sacked (he thought it was ageism) but the really interesting part was when he self examined the last 10 years of his working life, he realised that he didn't put older people forward. This goes to show there's a lot of ignorance associated with all discrimination

I hope that in this group people don't peel off into gender, age or any type of 'group' and that we can all help and learn from each other

For anyone Over 40 friendly that wants to;

Talk about Marketing / Business / Art

Start a Business or Start Creating

Promote their Business or Art

Find a Business or Art Partner

into personal / professional development

  • Purely Mix n Mingle events are difficult because of the lack of structure it's hard to get to know anyone. This group is half 'structured' to avoid this problem (see circles below)

  • The last networking group I attended I had people PITCH at me as soon as they met me, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. This group allows selling in 'circles' but not in breaks

  • Sometimes there are established cliques that are difficult to break into, not here

  • Our focus is building Long-Term relationships

3pm, the 1st Saturday of every month for 2021

  • 2:30pm Arrivals

Agenda - 4 talking circles, everyone has the opportunity to talk for x minutes

James will moderate the group and do 'Question and Answers' if needed

  • Work Circle

    • Work talk

    • 5 minute guest Business presentation​​

  • Art Circle

    • Creative work/interests talk

    • 5 minute guest Art presentation

  • Break. (No Selling or Conversation Hijacking)

  • Music Circle

    • Music interests talk

    • 5 minute guest Music presentation

  • Outdoors Circle

    • Outdoor interests talk

    • 5 minute guest presentation

  • Break. (No Selling or Conversation Hijacking)

Cost; first meeting free

 Location;  Talk to James for the location and to make sure it's worthwhile for you

Text or email, "I'm interested in Brisbane Over 40 Fun" to James, and I'll do the rest


"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails".